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Structured Cabling Solution

Cabling is the lifeline of your IT network, transmitting the voice, data, and video signals you depend on each day for your critical business activities. Your cabling system may be the smallest part of your network investment, but as the network component with the longest lifecycle, it can deliver significant, long-lasting benefits.                                                                               


  1.  Structured Cabling Solutions

Cabling solutions can vary substantially, depending on the size and type of building, the number of ports as well as the type of cabling required.We have a proven track record in the design and specification of a range of cabling solutions. Our approach is to undertake all aspects of a structured cabling implementation from initial design, through project managed installation, testing, and validation.Our Cat 5e or Cat 6 solutions meet TIA standards, are 100% tested, and carry a 25-year warranty.



        2. Uncompromised Performance

We have independently verified data communication structured cabling solutions, providing ultimate performance and reliability for today and tomorrow's copper infrastructure requirements.

All implementations are managed by our accredited engineers.




3. Conventional Cabling Solutions

Conventional cabling complements the deployment of optical solutions deeper into the network, delivering a future-proof backbone of single-mode and multi-mode installations.

Fiber optic, single-mode, or multi-mode is typically used for vertical cabling applications or inter-building links.

Fiber optic solutions may also be implemented to overcome specific security concerns.


4. Intelligent Infrastructure Management Solution

Our intelligent infrastructure provides full asset management for each and every device connected to a network.

Using a combination of web-based software and intelligent hardware, it allows for an unprecedented level of network visibility, connections, and physical location.

This service brings the physical network layer into a single database streamlining documentation, and reducing operational costs.